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CORE of Adoption, LLC is a coaching service specifically for adoptive teens and young adults that addresses and works through the 7 Core Issues of Adoption (loss, rejection, guilt, identity, grief, intimacy, and control) all within a safe space with a fellow adoptee of shared lived experience.

Let's walk this journey together.

Hi. I'm Sara

Hi, I'm Sara

Licensed Social Worker

I was adopted from an orphanage in Jiangsu, Yang Zhou China when I was 13 months old. Since then, I grew up in the Lancaster, PA area with my parents and my sister, also adopted from China. I studied Social Work in undergrad and graduate school and went on to attain my License of Social Work in 2019. Through working in the adoption field, my passion for the population grew even more as I was personally challenged to engage my own adoption story in a deeper way. ​


Other than working with adoptees and families, you can find me enjoying and participating in ALL THINGS music and food - any combination of the two is my absolute favorite! I have a supportive husband, Jared, a little chinese dwarf hamster, Cheenah and two very fluffy cats, Misty and Milo, at my home in Strasburg, PA.


Yangzhou, China

It's a Journey

It's a Journey...

The core of adoption, for the adoptee, is the ongoing inward exploration and outward response to the adoption triad (birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptee), all making the adoptee's experience a life-long journey.


May, 2000

What Families are Saying...

Lisa O.

I am so thankful for this adoption support group!

I think it is helping [teen] move towards coming to terms with parts of her story

What Families Say

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